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Ironman Mosselbay 2022 picture

Ironman Mosselbay 2022

By Nico ·
Nov 5, 2022

Ironman 2022 was a great success. It was a long hours and hard work, but we kept everyone safe. Things just work when experience meets hard work. We …

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Matriekbaai 2022 picture

Matriekbaai 2022

By Nico ·
Nov 16, 2022

We are prepared for Matriekbaai 2022 like a well-oiled machine. Another great event for Mosselbay. With each event having its own challenges, we are …

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Matriekbaai 2022 - Another Success story picture

Special event security is never easy. When hard work and skill come together you have success. 




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Afrikaans is Groot 2022 picture

Afrikaans is Groot 2022

By Nico ·
Dec 31, 2022

Afrikaans is Groot was another successful event. We ensured the crowds enjoyed themselves and kept the order. With so many successful events finished…

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Puik diens ! picture

Puik diens !

By Nico ·
Jan 2, 2023

Is altyd lekker om te lees van goeie diens ! 

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